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Poker Dice

How to play Poker Dice

Roll the best poker hand you can with the five lucky poker dice. The sides of each die are marked from 9 to Ace, so your chances of a top hand are really high!!
Choose whether you want to practice betting to get a feel for the game first, or bet real money.

Use the +/- arrows next to each team to adjust how much you want to bet on each poker hand combination showing up on your next roll. You can always reset your bets to zero by clicking on Reset bets.

Click on Place bets to roll the dice. Your total winnings for that roll will appear.

Click on Roll dice to stake the same amounts as before on a new roll of the dice. If you want to change those amounts, click on Change bets.


Every time you roll the dice a paytable will appear at the top left showing how much you stand to win for each possible poker hand combination.

Special Features

If you need to be reminded about the difference between a straight and a flush, just click on the key button in the bottom right corner.

Good Luck!