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How to Play the Gold Medal Mania Video Slot

What's unique about this game?

  • This Video Slot has 25 pay lines.
  • At least two scatter symbols anywhere on the reels multiply the total bet amount.
  • The wild symbol substitutes for any symbol except for scatter and bonus and cannot appear on reel 3.
  • The wild X3 symbol substitutes for any symbol, except scatter and bonus, and triples the winnings of an active pay line when completing a combination. The wild X3 symbol only appears on reel 3.
  • Three bonus symbols anywhere on reels 2, 3 and 4 trigger the "Wild Athletes" Bonus Game.
  • In the bonus game, choose one of five different characters and help the wild athletes go the distance. Choosing a character multiplies the bonus winnings at the end of the game. The character will ask the player to find three matching items with the same value. You can choose as many items as you wish.
  • Winnings are awarded for each bonus game round.
  • Bonus game winnings = total bet x bonus game points

Set Balance

  • Some games have the option of setting the balance for playing.
  • This button allows the player to set a game balance for the specific playing session.
  • To set a game balance, simply press the "Set Balance" button.
  • The game balance can be equal or smaller than the player's current bankroll.
  • The default is equal.
  • To set a different game balance, select the "Other" option and enter the desired amount.
  • Note that only full values can be entered, not decimals.
  • Once a different balance has been entered, it will be displayed in the "Credits" display and the same amount will be reduced from the bankroll.
  • Any winnings will be added first to the Credits display and only at the end of the playing session they will be added to the player's bankroll.
  • It is possible to repress "Set Balance" again between rounds and modify any previously defined game balance.
  • If the desired bet level is not supported by the defined balance, it will be automatically adjusted to the next possible level by gradually reducing the bet.
  • Closing the game will reset the game balance.
  • Game balance will be restored once recovering from a disconnection.
  • Game balanace is available in both Real Money and Play Money modes.

Minimum bet: 0.05 X 1 Payline

Maximum bet: 10 X 25 Paylines

The player’s percentage of theoretical return is 94.41%

General instructions for all video slot machines:

  1. All symbols pay left to right on consecutive reels of an active payline (starting with the leftmost reel). In some games scatter and bonus symbols are paid anywhere on the reels.
  2. All wins are multiplied by the bet per line, except for scatter wins which are, instead, multiplied by the total bet (depending on game).
  3. Scatter and Bonus wins are paid in addition to payline wins.
  4. Only the highest win will be paid on each of the active paylines.
  5. The combinations of scattered symbols pays only the highest prize
  6. To bet the maximum lines allowed (amount differs between machines), click MAX LINES. This will automatically spin the reels for you and the bet will be wagered.
  7. In some games you can click on MAX BET to maximize both lines and bets per line.
  8. Please note that some games do not have Max lines or Max Bet options. In this case, you must manually select your lines and bet per amount, and then click Spin.
  9. To view the different winning combinations and special features click PAYTABLE/INFO/VIEW PAYS on the machine's button panel.
  10. You may verify your total win amount by viewing the 'PAID' display window.
  11. Wins on different pay lines are added together.
  12. You may also utilize the Autoplay function to have the computer spin for you. Select the number of spins (by clicking the -/+ buttons or - depending on the game - choose a predefined number) and click on AUTOPLAY. You can stop the Autoplay function at any time. Autoplay pauses for bonus rounds and free spins.
  13. Malfunction voids all pays and plays.