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How to Play Cards Hi-Lo

What's unique about this game?

Cards Hi-Lo is a unique version of fast-paced Hi-Lo. You win money by betting whether the next card you turn over will be:

  • Higher or lower than the last one.
  • Red or Black.
  • A spade, club, heart or diamond.
  1. Place a bet from (min bet) to (max bet) to wager on the next card using the -/+ buttons.
  2. Predict what the next card you turn over will be by clicking on Hi, Lo, Red, Black and/or the 4 suit buttons (single or in combination).
  3. Click on Play to start the game.
  4. Click on any card to turn it over.
  5. If your guess is right, you win money based on the odds of your guess being correct. REMEMBER: Aces are low.
  6. If you guess 4 cards right in a row, you get a 5% bonus. If you guess another 4 cards right in a row, you get a 10% bonus.
  7. You can stop and collect your winnings at any time by clicking on Collect, or stake your winnings on the next card.
  8. Messages and instructions are displayed in the Message Box in the top left corner of the game screen.

General instructions for all Extra Games:

  1. Click the Extra Games icon in the Casino Lobby. You will be taken to the Extra Games Arena.
  2. Choose your desired game in the Extra Games Arena.