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Hi Lo Heroes Silver

How to play Hi-Lo Silver

The longer your winning streak lasts the more money you can win!
Guess correctly what your next card will be and win! Let the game begin!

  •  Select your Stake by clicking on the -/+ buttons.
  •  One card will be automatically turned over. Predict what will be the next card by clicking High/Low and/or Black/Red and or clicking on one of the suits. The Odds and Return fields will change accordingly.
  • Click Submit Bet.
  •  Turn over the card you think will match your prediction.
  •  If you predicted correctly you win. Now you can either choose to predict another card in the same way described above or Cashout and start again.
  •  When you win you can continue predicting cards until all 20 cards are turned over, possibly resulting in winning the jackpot.
  • Your winnings will added to the initial stake be shown in the Bank field.


The more categories you choose in your prediction (High/Low and/or Black/Red and/or one of the suits) the more money you can win.

Each time you guess correctly your stake grows accordingly resulting in a bigger return.

Good Luck!